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Disrupting the Way Hotels & Resorts are Booked Online

TravNow™, Inc. is a wholesale travel company. TravNow™'s Mission is to disrupt the way Hotels & Resorts are booked and paid for online by leveraging an intuitive mobile-first approach to booking Hotels & Resorts, acceptance of cryptocurrencies for payment, the integration of blockchain technology, and a proprietary method of leveraging "Closed User Group" pricing. The company plans to distribute its memberships through both a B2B and B2C strategy.


How it Works

TravNow™ shares its available margin with the TravNow™ member to lower the cost they pay for Hotels and Resorts to below what they would pay on ‘public’ websites like Expedia and Priceline, and backs that with a 110% Price Match Guarantee. Further, when a TravNow™ member books a Hotel or Resort and saves money, the company, charity, organization or association that referred that member, EARNS money.


TravNow™ Corporate Travel

In today’s world, you need to:

  • Attract New Customers
  • Retain Existing Customers
  • Engage Existing Customers
  • Upgrade Existing Customer
  • Drive Donations/Contributions
  • Influence Consumer Purchasing Decisions
  • Reward Employees & Customers
  • Reward Loyalty of Customers & Employees
  • Incentivize Behavior

Everyone loves to travel and stay in Hotels & Resorts. Give them the gift of travel, and when they use TravNow™ to save money… your company, charity, association or organization EARNS money!

That’s right, TravNow™’s program allows your company, charity, association or organization to give out a TravNow™ code that is pre-loaded with a guaranteed amount of savings. When your customers, donors, employees or association members use their code to book a hotel or resort on TravNow.com, they are guaranteed to save money vs. popular online travel agencies (OTA’s) like Expedia, Priceline etc. And they will have YOU to thank for it. Best of all… when they use the code to save money, YOU earn money. That’s not a mistake. Your company, charity, association or organization earns money every time a code is used to save money.

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TravNow™ TravCredits™

TravNow™ Members get prices that are GUARANTEED to be lower than those "Public" websites! Our TravNow™ TravCredits™ are designed to reduce the price of hotels, resorts, and condominiums. We reveal the retail rate of a specific property then allow you to use your Premium Credits™ to “buy down” the retail website rate.

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