Booking a Hotel in Dunn, NC

With TravNow, planning your stay in Dunn, North Carolina is easy! Whether you are visiting on vacation, for business, or just passing through as you travel down I-95, we will find the right accommodations for you. Dunn offers a wide variety of accommodations just off the interstate ranging from budget-friendly motels to full-service hotels. You will feel at home in Dunn with amenities including free WIFI, swimming pools, and complimentary breakfast.
Be sure to enjoy Dunn’s many attractions while you are in town! Visit the historic downtown area for great local shopping and dining. Grab your morning coffee at The Cellar, find treasures at Dunn’s many antique stores, or enjoy a night of live music at the Stewart Theatre! Dunn also offers a rich historical background to explore. The Averasboro Battlefield and Museum preserves the history of this Civil War battle and the Smithville Plantation. Explore the museum’s exhibits, watch reenactments, and finish your visit with a trip to the gift shop. Another popular destination to explore history is the General William C Lee Airborne Museum dedicated to the “Father of the US Army Airborne” where you will learn about Lee’s life, the early years of the US Army Airborne, and more!

Top Things to Do in Dunn, NC

  • Averasboro Battlefield & Museum
  • Cape Fear River Trail Park
  • Duffie's Exotic Bird Ranch
  • Galot Motorsports Park
  • My Happy Place
  • Oak Grove Plantation
  • Rhodes Pond Public Fishing Area
  • Stewart Theatre
  • Sunrise Antiques
  • Tyler Park
  • William C. Lee Airborne Museum

Colleges & Universities Near Dunn, NC

  • Central Carolina Community College

Historical Sites Near Dunn, NC

  • Averasboro Battlefield and Museum
  • Bentonville Battlefield
  • General William C Lee Airborne Museum
  • The Howard House

Hospitals Near Dunn, NC

  • Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital
  • Central Harnett Hospital

Airports Near Dunn, NC

  • Fayetteville Regional Airport
  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Military Bases Near Dunn, NC

  • Pope Army Airfield
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
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