Booking a Hotel in East St. Louis, IL

East St. Louis, Illinois is located in St. Clair County and is approximately three miles from St. Louis, Missouri. Start off exploring the area a Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. The park covers about 3.5 square miles and contains 80 mounds. Monks Mound is the largest structure and central focus of the city, standing ten stories tall it's the largest man-made earthen mound north of Mexico. Check out the Cahokia Museum and Interpretive Center also on property for more information and historical importance of the site. 

Take a short drive to the Mississippi River Overlook at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park. The park features the Gateway Geyser the tallest water fountain in the United States and second tallest in the world. Rising 630 feet into the air, blasting 7,500 of water a minute. Another big feature on the site is the Mississippi River Overlook standing 40 feet tall with is tiered structure is the best place to photograph the St. Louis  Arch and Skyline. 

Top Things to Do in East St. Louis, IL

  • Eckert’s Millstadt Fun Farm
  • Gateway Geyser
  • Gateway Motorsports Park
  • Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park
  • Mississippi River Overlook
  • Nicholas Jarrot Mansion
  • The Edge
  • The Gateway Arch
  • The Prairies Golf Club

Colleges & Universities Near East St. Louis, IL

  • East St. Louis Community College Center

Historical Sites Near East St. Louis, IL

  • Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
  • Gateway Arch

Hospitals Near East St. Louis, IL

  • Touchette Regional Hospital
  • Windsor Health Center

Airports Near East St. Louis, IL

  • St. Louis Downtown Airport

Military Bases Near East St. Louis, IL

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Scott Air Force Base
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