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Sterling, IL

Formerly known as the “Hardware Capital of the World,” Sterling, Illinois is a relaxed and historic city.

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Formerly known as the “Hardware Capital of the World,” Sterling, Illinois is a relaxed and historic city. A unique farming town, Sterling is a great place to visit. Once a major industrial center, Sterling allows a picture of the past with a vision for the future.

An important site of the steel industry, it’s home to companies like the Wahl Clipper Company and Northwestern Steel and Wire. One part of the twin cities of Rock Falls, its location on the Rock River has made it a popular place. In addition, Sterling is known for its plethora of parks. With at least 20 different parks, outdoor activities are definitely not in short supply.  

Whether you’d prefer visiting one of the many places to get in touch with the outdoors, checking out one of the historic homes, or visiting one of the museums, galleries local eateries, Sterling is full of experiences to take part in.

With picturesque and pastoral scenery, plenty of outdoor activities, and its vibrant small town feel, Sterling will be sure to make you want to experience all it has to offer.


  • Behive Overlook
  • Central Memorial Park
  • Franklin Creek Grist Mill
  • Haunted Conover Square Ghost Tours
  • Haunted Haven
  • I&M Canal Boat
  • Illinois Canyon
  • Jarrett Prairie Center
  • Malvern Roller Mill
  • New River Railroad Museum
  • Pecumsaugan Creek - Blackball Mines Nature Preserve
  • Plum Island Eagle Sanctuary
  • Pontiac Canyon
  • Sterling Lake
  • Bible Missionary Institute
  • Commonwealth College
  • Educators of Beauty - Sterling
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Highland Community College
  • Oregon Bible College
  • University of Illinois - Carroll County
  • Western Illinois University - Quad Cities
  • Chaplin Creek Historic Village
  • Conover Square
  • Dillon Home Museum
  • John Deere Historic Site
  • Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home National Historic Site
  • Sterling Rock Falls Historical Site
  • Wild Bill Hickok Memorial
  • CGH Medical Center
  • Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport
  • Davenport Municipal Airport
  • Quad City International Airport
  • Illinois Army National Guard Base
  • US Savanna Army Depot
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