Booking a Hotel in Yuma, AZ

Book now with TravNow from our recommended hotels located in Yuma, Arizona. Over a century old, Yuma, Arizona has a rich history, but a bright future. The city focuses on the fun and excitement of the upcoming years, with quirky attractions, like The Peanut Patch and The Camel Farm. The once infamous prison is open for guided tours. Tourists can explore the oddities and historic horrors in photographs of prisoners who served their time over the 33 years that the Yuma Territorial Prison was open. When skies are sunny and weather permits, locals and visitors alike love to picnic and sit in the shade trees at the great Gateway Park. Colorado and Arizona histories collide in the memorabilia at the Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town.




Top Things to Do in Yuma, AZ

  • Gateway Park
  • Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town
  • The Camel Farm
  • The Peanut Patch
  • Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

Hospitals Near Yuma, AZ

  • Yuma Regional Medical Center

Airports Near Yuma, AZ

  • Yuma International Airport

Military Bases Near Yuma, AZ

  • Laguna Army Airfield
  • US Navy Department
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