A New Opportunity In Corporate Travel

No-Fee Concierge Level Program with rebates to your company and employees

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices Compared to Any Retail Website
  • Great Personalized Concierge Services
  • Company Rebates of 5% on Any of Your Accommodations Including Cruises
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Employer Problem / Solution

Need to pay Employees more, but it's not in the budget.

Receive TravNow Company Rebates for all corporate overnight stays in a year = 5% of total hotel stays, PLUS our Low Price Guarantee on every stay.

Need to save money on Corporate Travel while assisting members with travel needs.

Enjoy TravNow Concierge Services for Members to assist with hotel, resort, and cruise stays - Always with the Guaranteed Lowest Price PLUS a 5% Company Rebate.

Need to increase ROI.

TravNow is a great return on investment - Typical returns are over 300% per year for most clients.

Proud to Offer These Fine Company's Services and More

How do we do it?

There is no mystery, once you are a member of our unique travel service, we give back the majority of our commissions to you and your staff. The cost is minimal, only $59 per traveling employee in your company.

We have outlined 3 simple scenarios for different types of companies below: a 1 person entrepreneurship, a company with 15 employees, and finally a company with over 50 employees. These are simple illustrations to show you how easy it is to improve your service for your employees and save money doing it.

It is not necessary to enroll all of your employees. Enroll only the ones who travel, or those whom you simply wish to provide benefits.

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Company Size: 1

1 Employee traveling 35 nights/year:

  • $100 (hotel cost) x 35 nights = $3,500/year
  • 5% Company Rebate on $3,500 = $175
  • Annual Membership: $59 (1 Employee)

ROI: 197%

($175 Rebates - $59 = $116 Net Savings)

Small Business Scenario

Company Size: 2-49

3 Employees traveling 60 nights/year:

  • $100 (hotel cost) x 180 nights = $18,000/year
  • 5% Company Rebate on $18,000 = $900
  • Annual Membership: $147 (3 Employees @ $49)

ROI: 512%

($900 Rebates - $147 = $753 Net Savings)

Mid-to-Large Business Scenario

Company Size: 50-300

10 Employees traveling 100 nights/year:

  • $150 (hotel cost) x 1,000 nights = $150,000/year
  • 5% Company Rebate on $150,000 = $7,500
  • Annual Membership: $390 (10 Employees)

ROI: 1,823%

($7,500 Rebates - $390 = $7,110 Net Savings)


  • Memberships are great as a gift or incentive for non-traveling employees
  • Option to direct Rebates to your favorite Company charity
  • Easiest and most profitable decision you will make this year!

Call 770-486-1181 and ask for the Corporate Membership Department.

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