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The Foundation is proud to present 20 deserving students scholarships for the 2022 and 2023 school year. We want to know what hardships you had to overcome and how this changed your narrative.

$25,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2022 & 2023
$25,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2022 & 2023


Who is Eligible?

Any high school student or just out of high school in the past 365 days who is planning to move on to some sort of post high school formal education.

How Do I get Selected for One of these Scholarships?

Life deals out tough circumstances sometimes, we want to hear what sort of challenges you have had to overcome in your life; then what you did to overcome them? Your challenges and issues may have come in multiple forms including lack of education, disability of any physical & mental type, or any myriad of other challenges which have created seemingly overwhelming roadblocks in your life.

Who is Sponsoring these Scholarships? Foundation – is an online travel agency and host agency professional corporation. We provide travel opportunities for members, agents, and the general public in an agent service driven format. You can visit for more company insight. We attempt to have no bias in our selection processes. We welcome all races, genders, life situations, and nationalities to submit their personal essays.

How Much are We Giving Away in Scholarships?

  • $25,000 for the 2022 & 2023 school year
  • 5 Scholarships for $2,000 each
  • 15 Scholarships for $1,000 each

How Do We Decide Who Won?

We are not a charity nor do we purport to act as one; the money we offer is from our company, it’s partners and our staff directly. Thus, our team will collectively decide the winners. There is no clear criteria, only our hearts, minds, and hopes that we will find some deserving youth who can benefit from a little assistance. We attempt to have no bias in our selection processes. We welcome all races, genders, and nationalities to submit essays. Again, we are not a tax free 501c3 organization, so we are not obligated or regulated to abide by any of the state, federal, or local rules governing charitable organizations; thus, our plan/ mission is to simply do good for kids where we can.

What Academic Year are these Scholarships for?

Scholarships are for Academic Year 2022 or 2023. We hope to offer additional scholarships in future years.

How Do I get the Money if I am Chosen?

Winners will give the foundation their desired payee information for their educational venue and funds in their name c/o will be provided to the institution. $1,000 and $2,000 one-time scholarships to cover tuition and/or education related expenses will be offered to selected participants. The funds may be used for any term in 2022 or 2023, including the summer term, during the awarded academic school year. Funds will be paid directly to the accredited post-secondary institute or approved facility. The student is responsible for all tax liabilities, if such liabilities are found due.

Additional Requirements of Participation

  1. Must be pursuing a degree or certification. Examples: Associate’s Degree, Technical Certification, or Bachelor’s Degree. Accredited vocation school course studies include but are not limited to: culinary, construction trades, automotive trades, nursing careers.
  2. Application and required materials in a single envelope:
    1. All scholarship applications and requested materials must be received at the TravNow Foundation by the deadline date of Sept 1, 2021. Essays can be sent to with a copy by mail to 150 Governors Square * Peachtree City, GA 30269 * NO in-person applications will be accepted. Video submissions may be sent to the same address or email.
    2. The TravNow Foundation will not acknowledge receipt of applications. If you want to verify it was received, send the application via any carrier which has tracking ability.
    3. Faxes are not accepted.
    4. Must have a financial need: Scholarships are only offered to independent applicants earning less than $30,000 of annual income.
  3. Must have completed high school or received a GED in the US
  4. In the event there is a legitimate reason you do not want your info published, you must let us know in writing prior to announcing a winner(s).

Ideas for Topics

  1. What has been my greatest challenge and how did I overcome it?
  2. What do I feel challenged with?
  3. What special circumstances did I use to overcome it?
  4. How has my life changed? Where do I think my life would be if I had not done something about it?
  5. How has this challenge prepared me to be successful in a post high school education?
  6. What do I want to do with my life?
  7. How will this scholarship help me achieve my goals?
  8. How can I help others with similar circumstances?

What Needs to be Submitted?

There are a few critical items that must be submitted.

  1. A 700-800 word essay that tracks to our scholarship theme “What Hardship(s) Did You Overcome and How Did You Change Your Narrative.” If there is an issue which prevents you from submitting a written essay, please let us know for consideration.
  2. A 1-3 Minute video which chronicles or parallels your essay.
  3. Copy of Valid Identification including a phone number, email, or address to alert you if you were selected. If selected, you must acknowledge your acceptance by phone within 5 days of our notifying you. If you do not contact us to claim your scholarship award within 5 days, we will move to select an alternate.
  4. Scholarship Application
  5. Scholarship Right to Consent Signed by Parent or Guardian (if not 18 years old)
  6. Submit Two (2) Letters of Recommendation plus verification of community or civic involvement: Letters of Recommendation MUST be from respected members of the community (teachers, religious leaders, community activists or government officials, etc).
  7. A signed Assignment of Rights and Consent to Publish Scholarship Information Form: By signing this form, you give us the right to publish your photograph(s), video and basic information regarding your past accomplishments and future plans in the event you are a scholarship winner.

Notification to all Participants:

All scholarship recipients will be notified by the end of each year. We only notify recipients, no notification means the student did not receive the scholarship.




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